Awesome Cropper

Awesome croper is jQuery plugin to produce form component that can upload images from local and remote destinations and set crop area.


  • Select Image by File Select, Url or Drag'n'Drop
  • Crop Image to specific size in modal window
  • Upload image with selected area coords



Load script and styles of plugin:

  <script src="build/jquery.awesome-cropper.js"></script>    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/jquery.awesome-cropper.css">

Create cropping component on some hidden input:

  <script>   $(document).ready(function () {       $('#sample_input').awesomeCropper(         { width: 200, height: 200 }       );   });   </script>


width: Width of cropped image height: Height of cropped image Hidden input may looks like this:

  <input id="sample_input" type="hidden" name="test[image]">