Minesweeper game using jQuery and HTML5 canvas.

Online demo can be found here at

Now featured on Chrome Experiments

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Current version: 3.0.1

  • Speed solving, right click on a revealed square
  • Faster mine index algorithm
  • Listener put on mouseup rather than mousedown
  • Retina support (contributed by meltingice)
  • Image preloading
  • Replaced that Github ribbon
  • Game no longer automatically resets after a win or loss
Previous versions
  • Brand new and more complete UI
  • Better interaction
  • Custom animations on the playingfield
  • New images
  • Scoreboard and use of local storage for scores
  • Refactoring and optimization
  • Some bug fixes
  • New UI
  • New difficulty features
  • Click on empty square, reveal larger space up until other numbered squares
  • Timer
  • Better grid, using rounded squares
  • Fixed numerous issues like unflagging and clicking after the game has been won or lost
  • Added mine and flag counters
  • Created a reset function so the page no longer needs to refresh to start over


  • Score algorithm

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