Classic RTS game at html5 canvas and javascript, only js codes, copyright materials removed

Getting started

  • Download the latest version from github:
  • Unzip the folder
  • Extract original resources from starcraft and add into bgm & img folder
  • Double click index.html in the folder (this should open the game with your browser)
  • You can play without image/audio materials by input available CDN location instead, for example ''
  • Press the radio button (circle next to the level name) to select a level and play

Former 2015 version features:

  • All units/buildings/bullets/maps/magics and animations completed
  • Support war fog, zerg creep
  • Control panel, different buttons and icons
  • Support cheat code
  • Mouse and key control complete
  • Seven basic levels to test units and buildings
  • Three additional levels for playing: Champain, HUNTERXHUNTER and ProtectAthena

Newly added features in latest version

  • One additional level added: Tower Defense
  • Support replay your game playing
  • Experimental: Basic network play support in level 2, players can chat with each other in multiplayer mode
  • Experimental: Android install package for play on mobile devices
  • Check svn.log for other detailed changes


  1. Need extract resource from orginal starcraft game, and add them into bgm/img folder before play
    • List serveral useful extract tools: MpqWorkshop, GRPEdit and RetroGRP
  2. Need setup server before play in multiplayer mode, follow below steps:
    • Install NodeJs on your machine
    • Install websocket module: input 'npm install websocket' in cmd
    • Start SC_server: input 'node GameRule\SC_server.js' in cmd
  3. To play it on mobile device, install Android install package on your device: SC.apk
    • Tap once equals mouse click to select/unselect units
    • Tap twice equals mouse double click to select all same typed units
    • Hold pressing on screen equals mouse right click to set moving destination
    • Two fingers press on screen equals mouse dragging to select multiple units inside rectangle
    • Slide finger on screen to pan left/right/up/down

Try it online at:

SC Html5 Online