Pong: an HTML5 Canvas 2D Game

The first project of The Great Code Club.


Setting up your dev environment

You can open game.html directly in your browser using the file:// protocol. However, I recommend you use a real web server. If you have python installed:

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 

Then browse to http://localhost:8000/game.html.

Reload the page each time you change something, or check out Guardfile to setup automatic reloading.

How to browse the code

Here are the files you should take a look at, in logical order:

  1. game.html is the page containing the <canvas> we render the game on.
  2. game.js is the game engine, mainly the game loop.
  3. pong.js initializes the game and the entities.
  4. entity.js contains the base class for all game entities.
  5. ball.js is the ball entity. Boing!
  6. paddles.js is the logic for the player and computer controlled paddles.

Creating Your Own

This project includes the following files you can re-use to make your own custom game:

  • game.js is the generic game engine.
  • entity.js the base class for any game entities.

Refer to pong.js to initialize the game and load the entities.

Check out the gravity branch for a variation on Pong made by Greg Bowler (@g105b).

Happy coding!


Game Assets

How to make an awesome game? Use awesome assets (images)!


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