• What does this project do? This is Atari Breakout clone created using HTML5 and Javascript.

  • Why is this project useful? This project is created to get user familiar with HTML5 canvas,DOM and javascript to create awesome games and have fun together as a community. This is a friendly project and any kind of ideas crazy or creative are accepted.

  • How do I get started? Check out issues section and see which issue can you fix. Follow javascript ES2015 coding standards in all commits. If you find a way to improve the game that hasn't been mentioned in the issues. Create a new issue. And most important of all discuss with your peers on what is the best way to solve a problem

  • Where can I get more help, if I need it? You can contact the owner at [email protected]

How to play

You control a small platform using the left and right arrow keys. You goal is to keep the ball bouncing and hit all block on the top of the screen.

You win when there are no more blocks to destroy.

You have maximum of three lives, you lose a life when you let the ball fall off the screen and lose the game when you lose all lives.