Asteroids [Reloaded] - HTML5 Canvas JavaScript game.

Play here:

The original and best HTML5 canvas game! :) As featured on Wired: Was originally coded against the very early HTML5 Canvas API for Safari 3 (no, really). But has been enhanced a few times since. The game has been played ~500,000 times on the original website above. Also featured on Chrome Experiments:

Game uses the Canvas and Audio HTML5 APIs. Graphics are rendered in Lightwave 3D.

See more game and HTML5 canvas/webgl demos on my site:

If you want to run this code locally, run the game from within a local webserver for the sound/message file loading to work correctly. e.g. localhost:8080/Asteroids-Reloaded/index.html

All game graphics, sounds and code Copyright (c) 2014 Kevin Roast [email protected]