jQuery Tiny Validate Plugin

This plugin is not meant for public consumption. Although you are free to use it under the terms of the MIT license, I will not reply to support requests.


General Options

$.fn.tinyvalidate.defaults = {    // Ignore disabled elements when validating   ignoreDisabled: true,    // Ignore hidden elements when validating   ignoreHidden: true,    // For inputs that have a pattern attribute, use its value instead of the one in the rule set   usePattern: false,    // Events other than submit to trigger validation   // Triggers validation only on the element receiving the action   otherEvents: 'blur',    // Called each time one of the events specified by the otherEvents option is triggered.   // `this` is the form element. Can take one argument, a jQuery object containing the form   onEvents: $.noop,    // Called after tinyvalidate's error handling   // `this` is the form element   // Takes one argument: errorCount (the number of errors found)   submitError: function() {},    // If you want to override submit when no validation errors,   // use a function reference or an anonymous function:   // function() { /* do something */ }   submitOverride: null };

Options for "inline" messages

Set to null if you do not want error messages to appear alongside invalid fields

$.fn.tinyvalidate.defaults.inline = {   insertType: 'after',   // If no insertTo specified, inserts relative to the inline element.   // Can be a selector or a function returning an element or jQuery object.   insertTo: null,   errorElement: '<div class="error-message"></div>',   errorAnimate: {     effect: 'fadeIn',     speed: 400   },   containerTag: 'div',   containerErrorClass: 'error' };

Options for "summary" messages

Set to null if you do NOT want a summary error message to appear

$.fn.tinyvalidate.defaults.summary = {   // Determines where the summary message will display.   // If default 'form' is used, will be the current form;   // otherwise, if a string is used, will simply use the string as a selector   // If a function is used, will be the return value of the function. `this` is set to the form.   insertTo: 'form',   insertType: 'append',   wrapper: '<div class="error-summary"></div>',   preMessage: 'Please review the {num} highlighted {field|fields} and try again.<ul>',   postMessage: '</ul>',   messageAnimate: {     effect: 'fadeIn',     speed: 400   },    // set to null if you don't want to include details in the summary message:   lineItems: {     wrapper: '<li></li>',     errorElement: '<span class="error-message"></span>',     // create link in summary details to inputs with errors     linkify: true   } };



Immediately remove all error classes and messages from the form.



Remove tinyvalidate from the form. Unbinds all tinyvalidate events and data from the form and its fields.