Form Validation - Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax & PHP

Simple & robust form validation for Bootstrap 3.0, jQuery 2.0.2, Ajax & PHP

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  • MIT Licence
  • Copyright 2013 Michael Bignold


  • Uses Ajax to validate input.
  • Can be easily modified to check a database for on the fly app-specific validation.
  • Basic setup using only [data-] properties in HTML tags.
  • Uses Bootstrap Tooltips for a streamlined & functional user interface.
  • Only one single .js file to add to your page, and .php file to add to your server.
  • Works with input (text, password, checkbox, radio etc), select and textarea tags, as well as with bootstrap-chosen improved select boxes.


  • Requires jQuery 2.0.2+
  • Requires Bootstrap Tooltips (Bootstrap 2 or 3)


Example Form Validation

Ajax jQuery Bootstrap Form Validation See Examples at: