Isometric minimal-code style game at html5 canvas and javascript




  • Big update! Extracted one original level from Diablo 2
  • Use [tab] to show map
  • New map layers - walls, floors, objects
  • Tools for extract levels, pictures and another resources from origin Diablo 2 files

Useful tools

Tool for extract original diablo resources: https://github.com/mitallast/diablo-js/tree/master/dttool

Tool for calculate and transform primitive shadow for extracted monster & hero tiles: https://github.com/mitallast/diablo-js/tree/master/shadowmaker Builded shadowmaker https://github.com/mitallast/diablo-js/blob/master/shadowmaker.jar

Some shell scripts for batch update images: https://github.com/mitallast/diablo-js/blob/master/monsters/make.sh https://github.com/mitallast/diablo-js/blob/master/monsters/rename.sh

More information you can find at original research from blizzhackers: http://www.blizzhackers.cc/viewtopic.php?f=182&t=370174&start=0