jQCrop (v 1.0.3)

Easy to use jQuery plugin for zoom & pan image cropping. This plugin is a rewrite of https://github.com/adriengibrat/jQuery-crop which itself is a rewrite of https://github.com/blackbiron/jWindowCrop :)

The main addition to this plugin is the ability to set the options after initialization and have the plugin auto-recalculate offsets and crop sizes, along with the auto-repositioning of the image (if required). Besides, jQcrop has experimental touch support in the touch branch, based on the excellent hammer.js.

It's built in the style of sco.js library so if you're familiar with that, you should feel at home with this one too.


	$('img.crop').jQcrop({ 		 width: 600 		,height: 300 	}).on('crop.jQcrop', function(e, data) { 			console.log('coordinates: ' + data); 			if (data.stretch) { 				console.log('image too small!!!!'); 			} 	});


Option Type Default Required Description
width integer 320 no Width in pixels of the cropping window
height integer 180 no Height in pixels of the cropping window
zoom integer 10 no Number of incremental zoom steps. With the default of 10, you have to click the zoom-in button 9 times to reach 100%.
controls string/jquery null no If not null, this is the entire html block that should appear on hover over the image for instructions and/or buttons (could include the zoom in/out buttons for example). If null, the default html block is used which has the text "Click to drag" and the zoom in/out buttons. Use '' (or false) if you don't want anything to appear.


To get crop results, bind a function on the crop event or read the object's result property (see below)


A reference to the crop object can be accessed like so:

	var crop = $('img.crop').data('jQcrop'); 	console.log(crop.result);

You then have access to all the properties and methods used for that specific element. Most important is that you can alter the width/height and have the plugin auto-recalculate the crop results and auto-resize:

	var crop = $('img.crop').data('jQcrop'); 	crop.set({width: 300, height: 300});