jQuery Infinite Scroll Plugin

JQuery plugin for ajax-enabled infinite page scroll. There are a lot of jQuery plugins for infinite page scrolling function. However none of them matched my needs when I faced the problem. So this is a very simple plugin which makes ajax call to load more data on the page and gives some basic callbacks like data loading started or data did loaded.

##Usage sample


$ -> 	$('#tasks').infiniteScroll 		itemSelector: 'tr.task' 		dataPath: '/tasks/load_more_tasks'

HTML part:

<table id='tasks'> 	<thead> 		<th>ID</th> 		<th>Name</th> 	</thead> 	<tbody> 		<tr class='task'> 			<td>1</td> 			<td>First</td> 		</tr> 		<tr class='task'> 			<td>2</td> 			<td>Second</td> 		</tr> 		...more rows 	</tbody> </table> 

AJAX part: /tasks/load_more_tasks. This should return plain HTML:

<tr class='task'> 	<td>10</td> 	<td>Tenth</td> </tr> <tr class='task'> 	<td>21</td> 	<td>Eleventh</td> </tr> ...even more rows 


dataPath - URL to load more data from

itemSelector - single item selector for data items initially loaded and loaded via AJAX

onDataLoading - callback function. Called when more data items should be loaded. Has single parameter supplied - page number

onDataLoaded - callback function. Called when additional data items were loaded. Has single parameter supplied - page number

onDataError - callback function. Called when there was an error loading data trough AJAX. Has single parameter supplied - page number