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an infinite scroll jQuery plugin
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//bower bower install --save yohoho.yofinity
//npm npm install yohoho.yofinity


<!-- In your <body> HTML tag -->  <a href="http://example.com/page/2" title="Next posts" rel="next">Loading...</a>
//in your main JS file $('body').yofinity({     buffer: 1000,     navSelector: 'a[rel="next"]',     success: function ($link, response){         $link.before(response);         $link.attr('href', '/page/2');     },     error: function ($link){         $link.remove();     } });


Option Type Default Description
ajaxUrl string '' Ajax custom URL to specify if no next button is available (Usefull for WordPress sites with ajax call functions)
buffer integer 1000 Number of pixels to fire infinite scroll BEFORE the node element
context object window -
debug boolean false Enables the debug tools when it's needed
error function null Function called if script fires an error
iterator integer 1 Iterator may be used for pagination, define where to start. After each success call, the iterator is autoincremented
loading function null Function called when script fires loading
navSelector string 'a[rel="next"]' Define node element containing AJAX request through the href attribute
params object {} Parameters to send in POST or GET method
success function null Function called when script fires success
type string 'get' Method to send data with


jQuery latest version

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Made with by Achraf Chouk

Please, read LICENSE for more details.