Apple Falls is Deployed here. It is a browser game that requires a keyboard to interact with the controls. It will not work on mobile devices at this time.


###A physics game for students. ####Learn about gravity.

Apple Falls is an infinite-scroll style game in which the player controls an Apple that falls down an endless chasm, accelerating at the rate of 9.8 m/s/s (until it hits terminal velocity). The player also starts with one parachute, which may be deployed at any time by pressing the space bar. Upon deployment, the Apple's rate of descent slows until the parachute's activation time is up. The player's objective is to use the arrow-keys to move side-to-side to avoid the blocks that are constantly, and randomly, ascending towards the apple as it falls.

Additional parachutes come into play on a random basis, and can be collected by colliding with them.

Score is equal to distance fallen, and increases proportionally to the rate of descent.

Summary: (some features still in development)

  • Player controls an Apple
  • The Apple encounters random objects rising up from the ground
  • The rate of acceleration is equal to the sea level gravitational constant acceleration of 9.8 m/s/s.
  • Player can monitor the increasing rate of speed of the apple.
  • Deploying parachutes temporarily bring speed down.
  • More parachutes can be encountered by colliding with them.
  • Collisions with other objects end the player's turn.


  • Right / left arrows to move.
  • Space bar to deploy a parachute